Vale Kevin Gleeson

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Dear Breeding in Captivity Team Member

It is with our deep sadness that Larelle and I share the tragic news that Kevin Gleeson, the Location Sound Mixer on Breeding in Captivity, passed away on Wednesday April 20.

For those who are aware Kevin’s contribution on set was phenomenal. Not only did he save the shoot by ensuring quality sound but he worked tirelessly, professionally always with good grace and humour.

A few days before the first day of the shoot we lost our Sound Mixer. Consequently, for the first week of the shoot we had no sound mixer and various Boom Operators, some experienced some just winging it. Quality sound is essential, and we didn’t have it. We were in trouble. Then like bolt of lightening from the blue we got a call from Kevin, who at the time lived in Launceston, and was prepared to shift back to Hobart to take up the Sound Mixer’s role. Once Kevin was on set our problems were solved. He averted a crisis. This ability to avert a crisis and to save the day was something, we came to learn, was part of Kevin’s makeup.

Kevin is much loved within the Hobart community, particularly the music industry where he has nurtured and supported many a talent. Kevin’s achievements and skills are expansive, recording bands, editing animation for Blue Rocket, making videos, making art, making music…

I am sure that you will all support Larelle and my decision to place a dedication to Kevin in the credits of the film. Through this news is tragic it also provides further incentive to complete this amazing project. This is a film I believe Kevin would have been proud of and I would have loved for him to be at the world premier and witness his work on the big screen. He deserved – as we all do- that experience of pride and joy that comes when you see your work finished and appreciated by an audience.

Vale Kevin Gleeson. You will be missed.

To pay tribute to Kevin you can visit his home page on FaceBook.

Lucien Simon


Larelle Bossi



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Photo: Kevin Gleeson on the set of Breeding in Captivity. Photo taken by Andrew Davis