The Story


Sometimes the loneliest place in the world is lying in bed next to the person you love.

Owen and Alice Hargreaves never forget they are married, but sometimes forget they are in love. Routine and responsibility, stalled careers and school fees, zumba and missionary sex have slowly beaten them into a caged submission and they are now both on the edge. In the wake of a neighbourhood tragedy Owen hits the road for what should be a routine work trip, leaving Alice at home to deal with the aftermath of what took place and the strangers who have moved in next door. Catapulted out of each others orbit and into a world of hedonism and depravity, the couple will be forced to confront the other and face the realisation that outside the cage what seemed like freedom may be their demise. Breeding In Captivity is a film that challenges the traditional ideals of romantic relationships by questioning what it is that we really want.

Lucien Simon & Nathan Spencer © 2011