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The Hon. Lord Mayor Sue Hickey launches the new Trailer for Breeding in Captivity

Yesterday afternoon at 5.30pm the Hon. Lord Mayor Sue Hickey hosted a fundraising event for Breeding in Captivity. During the event the Mayor, Alex Sangston from Screen Tasmania, Lucien Simon and Larelle Bossi spoke passionately about the Tasmanian film Industry and the need to promote Tasmania not just as a fantastic location for films but as a hub of creative and talented filmmakers creating films for the world.

Breeding in Captivity, with your help, can be the first Tasmanian produced film since 1998’s the ‘Sound of One Hand Clapping’ to hit international cinema screens. We, together, can share our unique talent and stories through the release of this film, and, in so doing, open the flood gates to other Tasmanian feature films.

The ACF campaign ends on June 30 and we need you to help us reach our goal of $25,000 either by donating or sharing the below link to the campaign.


But for now please enjoy the new trailer.