Help: Breeding in Captivity Extra lost!!!

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There were a stack of Extras who were involved in Breeding in Captivity and as they all worked for free we want to make sure that they all receive a free ticket to the Word Premier. Unfortunately the clearance forms only listed addresses and names and not emails. So we were hoping that if you knew any of the people listed below could pass on our email address so that we can update them on the films progress and send them invites to screenings and events.

The Missing Extras Are:

Angela Claridge,

ChunLan Lu

Grace Duggan

Xuanyi Zhao

James O’Shannessey

Andrew Morrisby

Richard Wilkinson

Ryan Harrison

Heather Endersby

Joanne Gwatking

Chris Adams

Darian Szyszka

Kate Manning

Louise Katherine Edwards

Zachary Wells

Anna Marigold Williams

Kieran Horton

Mathew Meehan-Lam

Jonathon Berry

Christina Rossi-Dyer

Melissa Rossi

Bruce &  Jennifer McKee

Sadie La Gure

Juliette Moutwari

Bree Steele

If you know any of the above people please pass on the email address below to them so that they can get in touch with us.




Please help us raise the $25,000 needed to finish Breeding in Captivity by donating through the ACF and receive 100% tax deduction just in time for tax time.

Photo by Dick Marks