Australian Cultural Fund Set Up And Ready To Go.

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Everyday since the shoot finished I have been conscious of the need to finish this film for all the people who have supported the making of this film. In fact there has been a phenomenal 378 people and businesses that have gotten behind Breeding in Captivity (that is, 146 Actors, Extras and Crew members deferred payments, 147 people made Pozible Donations and 85 Businesses and Investors provided cash and/or in-kind support).

It is incredible that so many people have believed in this film and that so many people have a personal stake in seeing this film being made. Larelle and I feel an immense gratitude but also are very conscious of the weight and expectation to finish the film and top make it a great film.

In a sense Breeding in Captivity isn’t just a film it is a village, and now, it has come time to, once again, unite as a community so that we can see this film come to fruition and surprise, delight, confront and entertain the greater community.

The bare minimum required to complete the film, enter it into festivals  and have a world premier screening in Hobart is $25,000. But we will be using this opportunity to raise more money that this so that we can properly publicise a Nationwide release.

Rather than run a Pozible campaign we have partnered with the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) because through the ACF donations made out to the film receive a 100% tax deduction.

And yes it is tax time and so now is the time to act.  What we need now, from all of you, is help getting the word out about our Australian Cultural Fund campaign.

What we would like is for you to post on Twitter and Facebook the following statements:
Facebook Post:
Help finish Breeding in Captivity and receive 100% tax deduction.
Breeding in Captivity is a Tasmanian produced feature film I worked on in 2012. Finally the film is almost ready for its world premier but we need a little more to finish the sound, music and special effects. Everything is in place and if we raise the money then you can help make Breeding in Captivity be the first Tasmanian produced film in cinemas since 1998. It is a film we can all be proud of and given that you receive 100% tax deduction on donations over $2 I really hope you can support me and the other 250 Tasmanian Actors, crew and businesses gave their time and money to make this film. Thank you.

Twitter Post:
Help finish Breeding in Captivity and receive 100% tax deduction.

Also, over the next 70 days of the campaign I will be posting regular articles highlighting individual actors, crewmembers and sponsors, sharing with the world just what an amazing community we are.

Please visit:
regularly and share the posts.

The film is almost completed; we just need to finish the sound mix, sound track, titles and colour grade. The team is in place and has agreed to a schedule that will see the film completed in November of this year (links to their work are below).

It really is exciting. The home stretch beckons.

The Post Production Team:

Sound Designer Mike Gissing, Digital City Studios, is a multi-award winning Sound Designer with decades of experience.

Composer Heath Brown the Maverick Award Winning Composer is one of this State’s brightest talents and is gaining attention nationally and internationally for his work in Film and Theatre.
Matt Scott is a cinematographer and Colour Grader who has worked around the world in film, Advertising, Music Videos and Documentary.

Lucien Simon
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Larelle Bossi

Photo: Dick Marks